Polygraphie Jacques Landry is headed by Jacques Landry, retired lieutenant of la Surete du Québec. As an officer in high level criminal investigations, he was specialized, during the last sixteen (16) years of his career, in the field of suspect interrogation for major crimes – 8 of those years as a polygraph examiner. Trained at the best polygraphic schools in North America, Jacques Landry has been using this investigative technique since 1989 and today has a record of having conducted over a thousand polygraph tests and hundreds of statement analysis. Over the past twenty years, Jacques Landry also created a series of training programs in interview and interrogation techniques, suspect statement analysis and in identifying criminal profiles. These programs were conceived to suit the needs of various clients, for police forces as well as private sector companies.

Jacques Landry is an active member of the American Polygraph Association. He is also speak person and member of Global Polygraph Network.His staff includes many experienced professionals, among which are Michel Pilon and

Linda Lemay (retired Lt for M.U.C ) both with extensive experience and specialized in suspect statement analysis and interrogation techniques, for civil or other different matter.