Training in Interview

Training in Interview and Interrogation Techniques

We often make the mistake of believing that interview and interrogation techniques can be learned on the job. Asking the right questions to the right people is an art, but an art that can be learned. An efficient interrogator is often the key to a successful investigation. Statistics reveal that 94% of persons arrested and advised of their rights are prone to confess their crime during a well prepared and well managed interrogation.

Polygraphie Jacques Landry offers courses in interviewing and interrogation techniques conceived to round out the training of police, and any other investigative organism in criminal, civil and administrative investigation. In the medium and long term, this training becomes a profitable investment because it contributes to reducing investigation costs for police forces. Concerned about adapting to new restrictions which police investigators have to deal with in their daily work, we also offer training courses in video interrogation techniques.

Furthermore, Jacques Landry offers training to investigators to pursue their profession in private practice.

All the courses and training programs are offered in French or English. Our team is accredited by Quebec Government (NEQ) certicate of agreement 1147975644 and also accredited from the Insurance damage claim(U.F.C). These trainings can be teach theoretically or with practical simulations with specific scenarios designed for the needs of each enterprise.

Professional’s actors are hired and worked with the team to deliver credible reactions and deliver the best evaluation of the student’s.

Mr. Landry is also co-author of the book  PSYCHOLGIE  Des Entrevues D’ enquêtes  de la recherche à la Pratique.(2004) mandatory book at the National academy in Quebec and also at The Montréal university  department of criminology, the only French reference about interview and an overview of the different training.

Mr Landry developed and created the interview Plan called (Landry Plan) use to structure interviews and interrogations by Police and different agencies threw the world.